Ivan is an experienced Chromatic Harmonica Teacher. He has participated in various local and international harmonica competitions and attained more than 20 awards. Top awards include Champion in Duo (Adult) in World Harmonica Festival (WHF) 2009. Since 2014, Ivan has been appointed as an adjudicator and invited as guest performer in Seoul International Harmonica Festivals, Asia Pacific Harmonica Festivals (APHF) and WHF. ​Ivan is currently the Chromatic Harmonicist of Perfect Fourth Harmonica Quartet.

Since 2011, Ivan has been appointed as the Director of Hong Kong Harmonica Association (HKHA). He was the Project Director of “Community in Harmony: Harmonica in Families” (2011 Community Cultural Ambassador Scheme) and the Executive of “10th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival Celebration Concert”. He was appointed as Honorary Secretary of HKHA in 2017 and appointed as Vice President of HKHA in 2018.

Having served as the Chromatic Harmonica Teacher of City University of Hong Kong, The Education University of Hong Kong, King's College, St. Paul’s Co-­educational College, Hotung Secondary School and King’s College Old Boys' Association Primary School, Ivan is devoted in cultivating the spirit of “Passing the Torch” of harmonica culture in local educational institutions. Under his guidance, his students won numerous awards in WHF, APHF and Hong Kong Schools Music Festival. Top awards include Champion in Duo (Youth) in WHF 2013 and Champion in Orchestra (Open) in WHF 2017.

Ivan founded Co-op Music in 2017. With the mission "Harmonica Education For All", Co-op Music aspires to promote harmonica to every part of the world through curation of quality online education resources.

In Jun 2018, Ivan completed a training in Trossingen of Germany and was accredited as one of the Hohner Harmonica Service Technicians.